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No prizes for guessing how the team came about the name "Claw" for this model!

The Curve Cut has been created for the goalkeeper who craves the ultimate combination of latex to ball control and a slim-fit feel.

The new style is a 'negative' stitched version of the Expanse Cut for those that love a glove that really follows the form of the hand with a 'curved' feeling. 

This construction features a light-weight, slim-fit design, with maximum hand to ball contact. 

This Curve Cut is one of four new options within the range and features a Surround Cut ensuring the glove forms perfectly around the hand.

Innovation is something that is expected from the brand. 

  • Cut: Magnum
  • Backhand & Wrist: Acclimatize™ fabric
  • Backhand Overlap: 3mm latex
  • Wrist: Latex protection zone
  • Strap: Latex/Velcro with a stretch wraparound strap
  • Palm: 3.5mm Adhesion Ultra™ with 5mm Memory Foam.
  • Palm: Surround Cut
  • Packaging: Glove Wallet 
  • Available in sizes 6 & 7 plus 8-11 (including 1/2)