Glove Care Guide

In order to get the maximum performance and lifespan from your gloves please follow our advice carefully...



  • Rinse through thoroughly with clean lukewarm water
  • This process helps rid the gloves of any impurities from the production of the latex or during the stitching process
  • Please note that is may be advisable to wash more than once for maximum performance
  • Prior to play, wet palms wet to activate the natural latex



  • Wash gloves in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and allow gloves to dry naturally
  • Our Glove Gleam (wash) product is recommended for removing stubborn dirt
  • Do not allow the gloves to dry in a warm place, as this could make them brittle and damage the latex accordingly
  • Do not dry using any of the following processes; radiator, hair dryer, iron, fire, airing cupboard, tumble dryer or direct sunlight
  • Our Glove Gust (deodoriser) is recommended to freshen the inside of the gloves after drying naturally



  • Please select gloves according to the surface and weather conditions
  • Select the right size... Gloves should not too tight, so there is excess stress on seams
  • Store gloves in a suitable temperature.
  • Avoid the palms touching, as the latex will become tacky.
  • Excellent handling and recovery techniques when diving, will mean that palms of the gloves are not being damaged due to excessive contact with the playing surface
  • Our care products, Glove Gleam and Glove Gust will help increase the lifespan of the gloves



Should you have any questions in regard of your gloves, please don’t hesitate to contact us via: 

Your question will be answered via our “Glove Guru” who will be pleased to offer advice accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also check out the website, where there is detailed information around all of our products and technology used.



Here’s the boring ‘small print’ it is important you read about your gloves...



Our German latex foam palms are extremely soft and provide excellent grip in all conditions.

Latex is a natural product, providing softness and grip. As a result, the palms of our gloves are subject to wear and natural abrasion, even after the first use.

In the case of abrasion, the gloves continue to perform and the lifespan of

the gloves will be affected by many factors such as; playing surface, technique and following care instructions.

Therefore, Sells Goalkeeper Products Limited cannot be responsible for abrasion that results from normal wear or damage caused by application outside of the recommended use.



With both being very popular glove cuts, the stitched seams and fingers do come under immense stress during the course of training and match-play.

Sells Goalkeeper Products Limited will not offer replacements or refunds for burst seams and damaged foam around the stress areas.

Great care should be taken when putting the gloves on and taking them off
- especially roll finger styles.

Please ensure that the correct size is selected, as seams will come under great stress when moving the hand if the glove is too tight.



Our gloves are worn by some the world’s best goalkeepers, who play on the best surfaces, with the best quality footballs, most of whom use the gloves for a maximum of six to eight matches.