Guard Superflex™

The GUARD SUPERFLEX™ spine system provides the goalkeeper with customised finger protection.

The spines, since their introduction in 2003 have been developed to be lighter and more flexible and the Superflex System is the most comfortable to date.

Unidirectional, lightweight and flexible spines protect the fingers from hyperextension.

The base of the spines rest on a foam bed, to prevent discomfort to the back of the hand when flexing or making a fist.

By making the spines removable the goalkeeper can protect individual fingers or thumbs from injury.

Goalkeepers returning from injury can protect vulnerable areas giving them increased confidence when handling.

GUARD SUPERFLEX™ finger protection is featured in both Elite and Excel models currentlly.

Elite models feature removable spines and the keeper may adapt their gloves to focus on specific fingers that may require protection whilst the Excel styles feature a fixed system.