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Our gloves are designed with keepers in mind, focusing on the different conditions and environments they are worn in.They have been developed over a number of years, taking into consideration what our team of professionals tell us they need to succeed. Check out the ranges below to see what takes our goalkeeper gloves to #ANOTHERLEVEL

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    Axis 360™ Elite Climate Guard

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    Special Price $119.61 Regular Price: $199.35

    The Elite Climate Guard glove is packed with technology and a specifically developed palm that provides incredible grip and performance in a range of weather conditions. The choice of many of the brand’s leading endorsees whatever the weather.

    The Guard Super-flex system provides finger protection that is both flexible and robust, which is removable for specific customised injuries.

    Being the brand’s flagship cut, the Roll Finger construction and the Wrap™ have become synonymous over the past decade or so.

    The additional latex that envelops the fingers provides additional security when handling.

    • Roll Finger Cut construction
    • Adhesion Ultra Absolute latex for incredible performance in all conditions
    • Outlast Technology for added comfort and temperature regulation
    • Guard Super-flex Finger Protection
    • Extended Neoprene wrist for added stability
    • Worn at the highest level of the game
    • Available in sizes 8-11 (including 1/2)
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