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Our gloves are designed with keepers in mind, focusing on the different conditions and environments they are worn in.They have been developed over a number of years, taking into consideration what our team of professionals tell us they need to succeed. Check out the ranges below to see what takes our goalkeeper gloves to #ANOTHERLEVEL

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    Axis 360™ Pro Cyclone

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    Special Price $49.84 Regular Price: $86.38

    Elite Aqua is designed for use specifically in wet weather.


    This silo is the popular choice amongst the Sells professional player stable.


    4mm Adhesion Ultra Supreme latex palm provides a sure grip whilst the laminated 5mm memory foam backer provides confident handling and shot-stopping impact absorption.


    The Outlast Eclair mesh provides a thermo-regulating glove body, which adapts to your body temperature – helping you to keep cool under pressure.


    Elite level products carry the d30 punch zone insert, which creates impact protection for the knuckles on contact with the football, whilst helping gain extra distance.


    The backhand is covered by embossed latex, which is anatomically shaped to move naturally with your hands.


    The double wrap latex cage provides secure location, protection and comfort for the thumb.


    The wrist is supported with a Neoprene cuff and the fit secured by a twin stick Velcro wrap around strap.


    The strap is released/adjusted using the ‘Easy-On’ microinjection pull-tab. The strap is completed by a hexagon emboss pattern, water logos and mesh personalisation window for player decal printing.


    The Total Contact is increasingly popular throughout top level competition. The Expanse Cut combines the best elements of Roll Finger and Radial Cuts for unrivalled all round palm-side performance.


    • Flat Cut construction
    • Adhesion Ultra Supreme latex for incredible performance in wet weather
    • Outlast Technology for added comfort and temperature regulation
    • Punch zone featuring d30 technology
    • Extended Neoprene wrist for added stability
    • Worn at the highest level of the game
    • Available in sizes 4-7  & 8-11 (including 1/2)
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    Wrap™ Pro Cyclone

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    Special Price $46.51 Regular Price: $79.73

    The Pro Cyclone model stands up to the demands of winter.

    The backhand fabric used comfortable, light and breathable, with he latex palm engineered for high performance in adverse conditions.

    Being the brand’s flagship cut, the Roll Finger construction and the Wrap™ have become synonymous over the past decade or so.

    The additional latex that envelops the fingers provides additional security when handling.

     Roll Finger cut construction

    Acclimatize fabric for breathability and comfort

    Adhesion Ultra Extreme latex for high performance

    Bandage wrist provides a secure fit

    Excellent in inclement weather

    Available in sizes 8-11 (including 1/2)

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